Top 5 Electrical Repairs Your Santa Rosa Home Should Have Before The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means family, friends, and food! But before you get too wrapped up in the holiday cheer and start decorating, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the season. From Halloween yard displays to Christmas lights, your home will be working overtime to make sure everyone enjoys the holidays. That is why it is critical to have a plan for electrical repairs before the holidays in order to prevent any nasty surprises.

If you are unsure of where to start, an electrical contractor in Santa Rosa can help you create a plan and get started on any repairs that need to be made.

What Santa Rosa Electrical Contractors Do

Santa Rosa electrical contractors are licensed and insured professionals who specialize in electrical repairs and installations. They have the knowledge and experience to safely handle any repair or installation, no matter how big or small.

Some of the most common services that Santa Rosa electrical contractors provide include:

  • Replacing old outlets
  • Adding new outlets
  • Repairing damaged wiring
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Updating old electrical panels

Why You Should Schedule Santa Rosa Electrical Repairs Before The Holidays

Proactive electrical repairs and maintenance are often cheaper than waiting for something to break. There are many more reasons why it's critical to plan Santa Rosa electrical repairs ahead of time.

Prevent Accidents

One of the most important reasons to schedule electrical repairs before the holidays is to prevent any accidents. With all of the extra lights and decorations, your home’s electrical system will be working harder than usual. If there are any weak spots in your system, they will be more likely to fail when under increased strain.

Cost Reduction

When your home electrical circuits are at their best, electrical bills are often lower because your Santa Rosa home’s electrical system is not working as hard. Over time, resistance in electrical wiring increase due to age and corrosion. This increased resistance can cause your home’s circuits to work harder and draw more electricity, which will show up on your home’s energy bill.

Extend The Life of your Appliances

Another benefit of Santa Rosa electrical repairs is that they can help extend the life of your appliances. Many people don’t realize that their electrical system is closely linked to the lifespan of their appliances. When electrical circuits are overloaded, they can cause premature failure of your home’s appliances.

By getting repairs done before the holidays, you can avoid any stressful and costly surprises. Santa Rosa electrical contractors can help you create a plan and get started on any repairs that need to be made.

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

In addition to scheduling Santa Rosa electrical repairs before the holidays, there are also some things that you can do to keep your family safe during the holiday season. These electrical safety tips include:

  • Inspect holiday lights and decorations for damage before use
  • Do not overload electrical circuits with holiday lights and decorations
  • Keep cords away from heat sources
  • Unplug holiday lights when they are not in use
  • Make sure extension cords are rated for the amount of power they are carrying
  • Replace any frayed or damaged cords

Santa Rosa's Top 5 Holiday Electrical Repairs

Prevention is always better than cure, but sometimes electrical problems can't be helped. Here are Santa Rosa's top 5 holiday electrical repairs:

1. Replacing Fuses

Because they're constantly being used, fuses are one of the most common causes of electrical problems during the holidays. Fuses are made to break when there's an overload of electricity, which prevents circuits from being overloaded and causing fires. However, this also means that they need to be replaced frequently. If you notice that your lights are flickering or that your appliances are shutting off unexpectedly, it's probably time to replace your fuses.

2. Replacing Circuit Breakers

Like fuses, circuit breakers are designed to trip when there's an overload of electricity. However, unlike fuses, circuit breakers can be reset. If your circuit breaker trips, simply flip the switch back to the "on" position. However, if it trips frequently, it's probably time to replace it.

Holiday decors are increased loads to your circuits. This can cause fuse or breaker problems which is why you should check them now before they cause any inconvenience.

3. Repairing Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses are responsible for carrying electricity to all of the different electrical components in your home. Over time, they can become frayed or damaged, which can cause electrical problems. If you notice that your lights are flickering or that your appliances are shutting off unexpectedly, it's probably time to have your wiring harnesses repaired.

Installing holiday decorations such as Christmas lights can put additional stress on old or damaged wiring, so it's important to have any repairs done before you put them up.

4. Installing GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets (or ground fault circuit interrupters) are designed to protect against electrical shocks. They're required by law in many areas, but even if they're not required in your area, they're still a good idea to have. GFCI outlets can be installed in any room where there's a risk of electrical shocks, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. They are especially needed for outlets that will be used for holiday lights to prevent shocks from happening and even preserve the quality of your lights.

5. Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

If your home is getting a holiday makeover, then your electrical panel might need an upgrade, too. An electrical panel controls the flow of electricity to all of the different circuits in your home. If your home is more than 30 years old, it's probably time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient panel.

What To Do If You Have An Electrical Emergency

If you have an electrical emergency, the first thing you should do is call a qualified electrician from Eleos Electric. Their services cover emergency repairs to electrical maintenance. Never try to repair electrical problems yourself if you do not have the necessary skills and training. Attempting to repair electrical problems yourself can be extremely dangerous and can even lead to death.

Contact An Electrical Contractor In Santa Rosa

You do not need to wait for an electrical emergency to happen before you call an electrician. You can always contact an electrical contractor in Santa Rosa, CA to come and inspect your home's electrical system. They can check for any problems and make any necessary repairs or upgrades. This will help to prevent any future electrical emergencies from happening. And, with the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to have your electrical system checked and any repairs or upgrades made. This will help to ensure that your holidays are merry and bright and safe. This is where Eleos Electric comes in.

Eleos Electric is a veteran-owned full-service electrical contractor based in Santa Rosa with access and lighting controls specialty experience. They have extensive experience in both residential and commercial electrical work. So, no matter what your electrical needs are, they can help. They can also assist you in preparing your home for holiday decorations and lights. Call them today to schedule an appointment. You can also visit their website to learn more about their services.